Being part of the hugely successful Premier Sports Solutions group, Premier Arts Solutions brings you some of the finest contemporary art available today. We work tirelessly to identify the best in emerging and established artists. Using the world as our pool, we source & select artists from literally all four corners to bring you a diverse selection of truly premier contemporary art. Art that is new to the market and on display at our gallery here in Bournemouth.

We also specialise in the sourcing of secondary market art, this is art that has been owned previously and produced typically in the last 30 years. Secondary market art can be extremely popular and notoriously hard to source. Using our extensive database of private collectors, agents, auction house and dealers we replicate Premier sports solutions enviable reputation of “obtaining the unobtainable” to once again realise this for our clients.

Being part of the Premier Sports Solutions group, Premier Art Solutions retains the same core values that made Premier Sports Solutions such a huge success over the past 13 years. Relaxed and informative, yet delivering a truly specialist, unique and personal service to its clients. Client discretion and attention to detail is of the highest importance to us, as is providing you with something truly beautiful and unique that you’ll love and appreciate!

Simply put……Art is a real passion for us and we love what we do, so whatever your desire or thoughts we’d love to hear from you and inspire you…….