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Completely Independent

We are completely independent, enabling us to give you the best and most competitive finance on your next art investment.

At Premier Art Solutions, we can supply both your art and finance in one simple package.

We are totally independent and as such have access to a wealth of over 30+ lenders who specialise in this type of finance. Using our excellent relationships with these lending financial institutions, we are able to establish the most cost effective and suitable method of funding your next art purchase.

Unlike most funding – art finance is extremely specialist and almost bespoke from piece to piece. Premier Finance Solutions wealth of over 13 years experience in ascertaining high asset value finance gives us the experience needed to deliver you the bespoke finance package for your next art investment.

Over 30+ Specialist Lenders

13 years experience in high asset value financing

Totally independent

Strictest confidence and discretion assured

Art Investment

Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Untitled painting that sold to Yusaku Maezawa for £85 million in May 2017.

Credit: Sotherby’s

Investing in Art can be extremely exciting, fun and financially rewarding. This will provide great diversity to your wealth management portfolios unlike traditional investments such as stocks or shares and most importantly, you will have a physical asset to enjoy.
An asset that can be hung, spoken about, enjoyed and potentially passed through family generations for years to come. Meanwhile increasing in value and rarity.

Premier Art Solutions specialise in Contemporary art.
Contemporary art alone has seen a phenomenal rise in value and popularity over the last 20 years and is growing bigger and bigger every year, with last year seeing £1.4 billion in worldwide auction sales alone. If you then take into account that dealers are estimated to account for at least 50% of all contemporary art sales last year – you could put this market value at nearer the £3 billion mark.

Last year gave great example as to where a contemporary art investment can go. The world record was set by a Jean-Michel Basquiat piece selling for $110 Million (£85m), an artist who’s work sold initially for a few thousand dollars back in the 1980’s.

We appreciate that the above is an exceptional example, but with an average annual return of +7.6% (source: art Contemporary Art has proven to be a particularly competitive long-term investment regardless.

We always advise buying with your heart & your head, if you do this then you cant fail. Worst way you will have owned something you’ve treasured and enjoyed over the years that may or may not have appreciated greatly in value – whilst having that added excitement that you could have the next Jean-Michel Basquiat hanging on your wall worth millions!

Premier Art Solutions have works from various emerging artists selected from what we believe to be the next big artists to come through the contemporary art world. Moving on from this we have more established artists and the opportunity to secure works from other bluechip artists too.

So whatever your requirements are, we’d be delighted to welcome you into the gallery or discuss on the phone exactly what you are looking for in the strictest of confidence.